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Extremely popular throughout the world now also in Poland!


Our ponies will delight the whole family and friends and will be a great companion for your child for years.


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Our company was established In 2002. At the very first beginning our main profile of activity was operating with the STRENGHT TESTING machines like Boxer, Hammer and Kicker at Polish seaside resorts.

In 2005, after several years of experience and also the cooperation with Silesian Politechnical School engineers we were encourage to manufacture a totally new product ? the arm wrestling machine called Strong Man. This product was accepted with a very big interest what confirms receiving award at Warsaw SUREXPO 2006.
Successful manufacturing and satisfaction of our customers again encouraged us to launch a full range of strength testing machines.

Our coin-op amusement machines are characterized by a low failure rate and that is why we send them to over 50 countries around the world.